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2023 took the IVCA to the medieval town of Cremona in Italy. The event's offial website is here

Our introductory group ride was a lap of the centuary course. The tops of the dykes provided beautiful cycle paths over the plains.


At the end of the tour we visited the Abbey of Sa Sigismondo. One of the most important Italian churches of the medieval style built on the site where Bianca, Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza got married in 1427. The church was a fantastic and harmonious example of the 16th century style. The frescoes were painted by Camila Baccareina Iram between 1535 and 154, the year of his death and were finished by brothers Giulio and Bernardino Campi. Outside the church, a splendid display of our veteran cycles.

The Centuary Ride course was over four laps of the dykes.

The rain deterred most of us. Congratulations to all those who took part and especial congratulations to those two riders who completed the distance!

At the end of the day participants and non-participants enjoyed the grappa tasting just the same.

The races were conducted over a super little .8km lap through the park. Categories of cycles in the competition

See Facebook for the results

Our Grand Parade of historical cycles were introduced by the Band of Bersaglieri Cyclists.

Along the way we paused to listen to a Vivaldi concert played by the Cremona Strings Ensemble outside the house of Anthonio Stradavari.

In Piazza Duomo we stopped for the official photos of the 41st IVCA Rally accompanied by the military band.


Katerina's official photos are here

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